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Preload adjustment without center stand?

Greetings. I'm a newb to motorcycles (used to trail ride) and the V-strom. I am planning a moto/camping trip in a month or so, and am thinking about how to set-up my suspension for the load. Also, I'd like to know how to make rough adjustments for taking the odd passenger here and there.

I have looked at The Science and Black Magic of Suspension setup, and a good basic video by bearded_vstrom_reviews on youtube (I don't have permission to post links yet, sorry).

Unfortunately, I don't have a center stand, so I'm not sure how I'd go about adjusting the preload as the video and post suggest. Also, an odd observation I made just playing around with the rear pre-load knob - The bike was set to basically zero when I bought it (used), and I can get only 4.5 of the 5 'rings/threads' to show when I crank it all the way up. Is that blatantly weird?

I'd appreciate any thoughts or advice.
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