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Originally Posted by Big B View Post
I like the whole hybrid idea, works well with cars.
I've never been a fan of hybrids, myself. I think the thing with them is that they are so obviously a stop-gap measure. And it's impractical on a bike, even a series hybrid.

There will be something. I won't be battery technology, that's for sure. Especially when Mr. Musk rolls out the fees for charging, which are a matter of time. They're free now while he sets up the distribution network, but make no mistake, it's not free forever. And you'll RARELY be charging at off peak times / prices at a Tesla charger.

Hydrogen fuel cells won't be the answer either - it's not like hydrogen trucks wouldn't be flammable as they drove to refill the stations. Honestly, there are so few competitors right now, as everyone is concentrating on Li and battery tech. The ultimate solution will be to take in something inert and use it for power. Kind of like the kid that invented a flashlight that is powered by the heat from the hand holding it. It's going to take something like that - something we don't expect - to be the big sea change.

We are all just at a stop-gap right now.

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