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I have everything listed above (except the fork brace - since it is not needed for the Vee2). All fantastic equipment!

One question though... In adjusting the controls position on the brake side for my giant boots, the hydraulics and the brake light switch are a little out of sync. I.e. the brake light comes on way before the hydraulics apply any stopping force. I tried bending the adapter clip out and back to make it a little longer, but I'm concerned that repeated bending will weaken it (or cause it to break). Plus, opening up the length of the loop will leave a gap in the center (potential for falling off?).

What is that little wire brake light switch extender clip made from? Can I source it locally? I though about trying any old wire I can get my hands on...but if you have info as to what is stiff enough to prevent deformation during use as well as what type of surface treatment may have been involved to prevent corrosion, it would be appreciated.
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