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Originally Posted by LoloPD View Post
Are you kidding me? Seriously?
Every car Iíve ever owned had one. Itís the FIRST thing a potential buyer will ask for, ĎDoes the vehicle have full service history?í
Itís a VITAL document.
What happens if you have a warranty claim and you canít prove the bike has been correctly serviced?
I have never had a book like that for any vehicle. In fact, until reading this thread, I didn`t even know they existed!

As far as warranty claims, most people I know who buy new vehicles save all their receipts and keep a list either on paper or on a computer and then it would be up to the manufacturer to prove the list is false rather than the owner needing to prove it true. My understanding, anyway- only one of the dozen or more vehicles I have owned in my life have been new enough to still be under warranty, so I don`t pay much attention to such things.

As for "proving" to a possible buyer that the vehicle has been properly maintained, pretty much the same thing. And in that respect I also have very little interest since the junk yard is where most of my vehicles go when I`m done with them (if it ain`t dead yet, no reason for me to get rid of it!) and they really don`t care about service life.

Bottom line, nothing to be astounded about, just different customs for different places I guess. Anyway, I hope you find something that suits your own purposes.
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