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I installed heated hand grips at the same time I installed the enduro style hand guards. I noticed my throttle would not snap back the way it should and thought maybe I got some crazy glue where it wasn't wanted. But since crazy glue dries into a hard plastic, I have always thought it couldn't be that as a hard plastic should keep it from moving at all, not slow down movement. I think a slow down of movement is more likely to be from something gumming up the works.

I am in the process of installing a new throttle tube and heated grip but maybe the reason my throttle won't snap back is because the return cable is too tight. Which cable is the return cable? I can't figure how it would have gotten tighter but I have noticed the hand guards do press against the metal guides that stick out of the throttle housing if that description makes any sense at all.

Thanks if you can tell me which cable is which and I can diagnose from there and maybe not have to install a whole new grip.


Originally Posted by PTRider View Post
Loosen the screw for the bar end weight...don't remove the screw...pull, wiggle, pry out the weight assembly.

Look under the housing at the inner end of the grip. Two Phillips head screws. Take 'em out. Note if one position has a longer screw. Pry that housing apart as far as it wants to go.

Loosen the throttle cable adjusters. Take the cable barrel ends out of their slots. Slide the throttle tube off. Clean that part of the bar.

Lube the inside of the new tube with dry graphite that won't gum up with dirt. Put everything back together. I like a dab of silicone grease on the bar end rubbers. Adjust the cables. I like the cables with nearly zero slack. A too-tight return cable keeps the throttle from snapping shut when released. (Does the Glee have a return cable adjuster, or did Suzuki pinch a few Yen there?)
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