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Between previous obligations, I had the 650XT out to test the brakes. The addition of the 2" ROX risers forced me into adding a 2" longer "A" hose but I raised the front fender at same time and did a complete swap of the brake lines, which also forced me to remove the radiator protection plate (Enduro Guardian).

Anyway, the risers really take a lot of weight off of the wrists and I like that upright KLR riding position. Again, I really cranked all of the ROX bolts down after sawing the end off of a Harbor Freight Allen wrench ($2 for a small set of Metric).

The one issue is that the in a hard left "parking lot" turn, the horn button hits the tank bag (GIVI 20L) and gets everyone's attention. I'm hoping a hard right turn doesn't grind the starter. I might shift the tank bag back one notch.

The other is the mirrors. Although not impossible to adjust, they are "unique" in the way you have to adjust with the "hidden nut" thing. I'm sure at some point all will be the way the works best for me as we all have to make those split-second decisions in traffic.

While I was at it, I also changed out the "position bulbs" above the headlights with yellow LEDs. These are much brighter than the OEM incandescents. I like increased visibility.

Anyway, the ROX ROCK! It is still a mystery to me why 40% of 4-wheels don't turn on their headlights in the rain.
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