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I have not bought a factory made one in years.Used the o ring for a few years then one day was throwing trash in a bag and a old jacket in the mix.The small draw string at the bottom with the plastic lock got my recycle genes in high gear! Cut the string and took it to my just got old work bike.Warp the string around the throttle inside ,cut to right length and thread ends in the plastic lock. Sung lock to how tight I want and works great.Have made lots and gave lots away.If you like the o-ring all given away like these lots more.
When re screening a door one day was throwing the old linners away that usually all ways split in half.They looked about right for the locks and thats what I use now and are better as rain does not bother them. One of the best things about them is unlike the o ring type you do not have to take the hand guards ,bark busters,or any thing off to get them on. Have went and bought a old motorcycle before and had to ride a few 100 miles home.If not wanting to stop and buy a throttle lock just warp a rubber band a few times around the throttle inside end and you have a lock. Of course these are like the old Harley fricton locks you push back each time to back off but become second nature in a few miles.
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