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Hankster...I ride that area a lot and am still learning good roads. Generally, the Amish country is in Lancaster county, which is east of Harrisburg. Avoid the town of's all tourist trap. Most of the Ami's left because they were tired of being spectacles (moved to more secluded areas, even as far as Ohio). The ones remaining are most likely Mennonites, who avail themselves to modern conveniences (like electricity and phones in the home, as well as driving cars). You'll frequently come across Amish driving their horse and buggies. When I do, I slow down, pull in the clutch, pass as far to the left as possible, and after about 50-80 meters, let out the clutch and slowly resume speed. Don't want to startle the horses, y'know. And don't take pictures of them; it's against their religious beliefs, so show respect.

But rural PA has some good roads, especially when you climb and descend the Allegheny "mountains" (more like hills on steroids, but nice twisties).

I'm at work now and don't have my maps, but I'll get back to you on some roads. You should try to see the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon on your way down or's just south of the New York border near route 15 and route 6. Then you could continue taking rt15 down to Harrisburg. Here's a link on it from ADV:

I'll post back when I can get to my maps. When are you looking at making the trip??'s some good reading on the state's attractions from fellow riders:

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