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Originally Posted by LowAndSilent View Post
I can't be a witness, but goodluck!! Have you checked with previous IBA people in those areas, or are you wanting to get Stromtroopers to be the witnesses?
according to the IBA rules, I can get anybody as a witness, IBA member would be prefered, but not required, I need 2 witnesses at each end

checked the IBA witness list, pickins are slim in SW Missouri area

I shouldn't have a problem finding a witness on my home end, but I want to make sure I have a couple lined up and waiting for me at the Joplin end

last time I did this (for my SS1000 & BB1500) I called my end witness on my cell phone from the last gas stop about 2 hours out to let him know I was on schedule, when I got to my ending exit, he was waiting for me at the bottom of the ramp

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