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The east gathering isn't going anywhere. There will likely be a 20th anniversary Iron Horse Lodge rally in 2022 and I will hit every one of them between now and then. Fall rallies too. After all, it's three hours from my back door.

There are many other small rallies on the east side and mid-west every year.

While the "eastern rally" has been very successful since 2002 using a single great location, the western rally faded into obscurity as an off shoot of the 2008, 2009, and 2010 North American Rallies. The western rallies depended on handing off the rally to new hosts and picking a new location every year. From the SD rally on attendance dropped by 1/2 every year. I suspect several factors played a part.

1. We moved further west each year away from the middle of the country.
2. Regional rallies got the guys that go to one rally a year.
3. Lack of volunteers for the next rally from a failed rally that did not lead to the next rally. The chain was broken, the ball got dropped.

It may just be time to pick up the ball and run again. My vote is for a North American style rally though. I don't mind the Canadians making fun of our politics and Janice and I can swap cookie recipes.
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