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Originally Posted by bosnjo View Post
Fueling problem on low rpm could be solved not with ECU mods, but with ECU swap. ECU swap is on the move in Europe now. Swaps are to new J02 ECU. First Vee2 models (mine included) came out of the factory with J00 ECU. Before ECU swaps started here in Europe, I solved the problem by installing X-TRE.
There is one intermediate model of ECU, J01, that has a problem on many bikes , of sudden power loss on 2nd and 3rd gear. J02 ECU is final.
Is there any word that ECU swaps are a possibility in the US? I've got a 2014 but not sure which ECU I have. I've experienced the 2-3 stall and would happily move to a newer ECU.
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