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Originally Posted by slick_kipper View Post
Was that the CCC Chicken Run(?) thing? Can't remember the name of it exactly. I already knew you ride the snow, so I'd never accuse you of pussin'out.

50's Game On though.

I was thinking about taking the Strom on my business commute down to Norwalk, Ohio tomorrow, but now I'm not so sure. I rode 30 or so miles this afternoon, and man my Stroms got the headshake. That "hands off the bars while decelerating" shake. New tires too.

Posted this monster over at VSRI.,9795.0.html

What you think YZ?
Yep that was the Snow Chicken I went on. Always a good time.

As for your head shake issue I dont know. It could be suspension. Do you have a leaking fork seal? Low oil in one fork can cause that. Usualy when I get headshake on a dirtbike its because the forks are raised up too high in the forks. Lowing the forks in the tripple clamps and it goes away as it increases the wheelbase. But on a street bike..I dont have a clue. I usualy just wack the throttle hard when my dirt bikes start shaking there head.

Rode to work Yesterday. Goodness it was COLD outside. But it was still nice to get out.
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