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Originally Posted by Stromaholic View Post
Good info Rolex, can you do a little fuel economy comparison please? The Vee2 gets thirsty above 4000rpm, so it reasons that the smaller front sprocket would put you in that range more often. Cheers
On the trip with my bride I got 5lt per 100ks so about 400ks to the tank.

I never ever ride for economy so going off my results would be foolish, on my Wee I dropped to a 14t and my fuel usage dropped from 5.2 to 4.7.

I have no plans to ever go back to a 17t on the V2 so economy is ??????????

According to Gear Commander I gained 300rpms at 120kph but to be honest I never really used sixth gear with the 17t anyway, I was happiest in 4 or 5.

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