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Originally Posted by Dakar View Post
A friend did a Phoenix to Buenos Aries a few years ago on a KLR. By the end of the trip, he felt the only good bikes for such a journey were the Suzuki DR650 and Honda XR650. The question is: how well can you pick up your loaded Vstrom?
Well, if I knew last summer what I know now I may not have bought the Wee, but it's the bike I have and I don't have the cash or inclination to swap it out just yet. Can I pick it up? Yes. Do I like it? Is it easy? No. Had to lay it down once because I tried to tackle a rocky slope too slow and had to drag it a bit to get it positioned so I could pick it up. I'm slowly learning the bike's and my limitations, and do my best to ride accordingly.

Actually, I think the Wee is a great RTW trip, but most definitely NOT Mondo Enduro style!

That said, I sure would like to get my hands on a DR650. I think that could be made into a "go anywhere" bike without too much effort. Stock it is well over 100 lbs lighter than my DL650 and simpler mechanics. Anyway, I have what I have and don't plan on letting that stop me!
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