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FYI- I now have >2,500 miles on this mod and still working great but I am overdue for new chain and sprockets which I will be replacing before anymore long rides so this may skew my mpg as it usually seems to improve things. My results up to now seem to be up about 2-3mpg on average but I've been running it pretty hard to see how the mod holds up. I also continue to be Idle hammer free but this seems to go against expert opinion on the subject so I won't claim this as a real side effect unless it holds for a few oil changes and I can reproduce it. Either by modding my other failing basket and testing it or in another Vee. I plan on disassembling this mod and checking the that all is still good at 10K miles as well as watching the oil filters and plug for any changes. At that point, if all looks good I will have to decide if I want to test the mod longer and see what happens or mod my other basket and see if it gives me the same results or perhaps re-install the unmodified basket I replaced and see if the idle hammer returns before I do either... Votes anyone?

No mater what course of action, If all looks good at 10k miles I will post pictures if anyone's interested...

If it looks questionable at all my other basket will go directly to Realshelby for the full Werks upgrade!

Happy trails!

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