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Originally Posted by Heavy View Post
I've been to North Carolina a few times...don't recall many Canadian Tire stores down there. Think this might be, kind of, a Canadian thing and it would probably get lost in the marketplace section.

Heavy ,

Wasn't trying to be a dink Bro . I didn't realize nor would I have realized it was a tire store selling those puppies . I saw the Garmin thing but didn't click the link to see who the reseller was . UH...UH... Never would have made the connection had you not mentioned it . LOL . But you'd be right , it would likely get pretty dusty in another thread . LOL . Just trying to help .

Ride long , ride safe , PO

p.s. Canadain tire store in NC ? .... Don't think I have spotted one of those either . If I do , I'll check on some deals for ya . LOL . Hec , come on down man , we'll hunt a Canadian tire store till were blue anyway . You never know how many BBQ joints were likely to visit till we find one huh ? lol

Ciao , Wes

[B][I][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="4"]One day I'll have another DL1000 . I MISS YOU ALL !.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/I][/B]

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