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Thanx Lads

That's what I want to hear!
I have a 2009 CBF1000,bought new, old stock in 2011, a detuned fireblade engine with almost the same torque and hp as the new V...torque just a little higher up the band.
And, it has also been referred to as a "sleeper" by one professional reviewer.
Lots of huge get up and go for the real world.
Love the bike, but just a bit cramped for me...and it is not sold in the States, so a potential issue when I travel there.
I really must try to get a test drive on the Vee.
A dealer a couple hours from me mentioned he might keep a demo...must give him a call.
Make for a nice ride in my retirement.
Or...I could just buy the new Vee and put up the CBF for sale to please the wife...and price it too high to sell.....ya...that's the plan.:biggrinjester:

Dead man walking....:mrgreen:

P.S. There is a Youtube floating around showing a new Vee being caned in a crazy manner...looks like it goes like stink!
Really, the S10 was amazing, but the vibes were worse then any bike I have ever ridden by far...a shame really, more than sweet otherwise.

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