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post #91 of 98 Old 06-10-2012, 01:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Starfleet View Post

Here's a quick promo video of the B400 2007 onwards model. There is some good shots of the bike in use. It's showing the standard version with no frills but good none the less. It gives a sense of the riding position and how big the bike is. I've just been checking and one of the reasons the 400 is so popular is the fact that it has a bigger carrying capacity than it's Six Fiddy stablemate...interesting I thought. It's just we are all conditioned to think bigger is better...but not always it seems if carry capacity is what you want. The motor is more than capable. Hope all this helps.

Enjoy and here is the link: Suzuki Burgman 400 - YouTube
Theres a few things like that on the 650 vs 400 Burgman and a few reasons why I think the 400 is the better machine of the two.
1. The 400 got a complete restyle in '07 and to my eye has a more modern looking design, in looks and things like the single rear shock.
2. The Transmission on the 650 is something of a marvel, but its complex and should it fail, which is a small possibility, is extremely expensive to fix. The 400 by comparison, is quite simple.
3. The 400 is lighter and gets significantly better fuel mileage.

The pros of the 650 as I see it are.
1. It does have more power and cruises more easily at highway speeds.
2. If you get the executive model it has the nifty electric windscreen. The windscreen on the 400 is lacking for many.
3. There seems to be a stronger aftermarket for the 650, maybe because more people seem to see them in a touring role. For example, Madstad makes a windscreen for them. People have figured out how to rig cruise controls for them. It could be important depending on how you plan to use it.

I've always thought if I were getting out of motorcycles completely I'd have another look at the 650 but for the way I use a scooter now, commuter tool, some fun rides, I'm glad I went with the 400.

'11 DL650
'10 Tiger 1050
'09 XR1200
'09 400 Burgman
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post #92 of 98 Old 06-11-2012, 04:29 AM Thread Starter
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Joe, gotta agree with you (again!) . Over this side of the pond both models of the Burgmans, the 650 and the 400 are popular but the 400 is more popular here and probably on the continent from what I see when I'm over there. This is due to several reasons it appears. Performance is not really the main deciding factor for many it seems as there isn't that much difference in it for normal riding for solo use. It's the complexity of the transmission (and the failure rate from 40-45k onwards on the 650 plus the 2500 bill to fix), plus the high initial cost of buying the 650 compared to the 400, along with the higher everyday running costs. The 400 does around 20-25mpg more overall than the 650 depending how it's used and it has no mechanical issues. It's now reckoned to be the most 'sorted' maxi scooter on the market. Gas over here is around $10 per imperial gallon (4.54 litres) so it costs a small fortune to run the 650 by comparison, along with it's much higher servicing costs. Most people over here put their bikes into the dealer for servicing and repair work. We are blessed with good dealers over here, and they are plentiful.

So the 650 is good although very heavy by comparison to the 400 and you do need deep pockets.

I'm just about to order cruise control for my 400 to make my overseas trips more comfortable, so I'll let you know how I get on. Bye for now.

[SIZE=2][SIZE=2][I]V-Strom 1000 k8 GT - Now Gone! But 2012 Burgman 400z ABS now in service...[/I][/SIZE]
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post #93 of 98 Old 07-11-2012, 03:55 AM
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Well the Burgman has had to go onto the backburner for the moment.

My son and I are heading over to the UK for the Goodwood Revival meeting in September, an event I've been promising myself I'd get to for many years. I'm a Cobra enthusiast as well so with a special race to mark the 50th anniversary of their entry into racing, together with it's being somewhat of a memorial event following the passing of Carroll Shelby, makes it a must for me.

If time allows we'll also be slipping over to the IOM to visit Joey Dunlop's memorial and to drive/ride the TT circuit. And we'll be visiting the Sammy Miller museum and the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham, along with a few other interesting places we've unearthed.

This will eat up the Burgman budget until the new year but I reckon it'll be money well spent!


Maroon K6 Vee.
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post #94 of 98 Old 07-11-2012, 12:30 PM
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I wouldn't trade creating a memory like that with my son for the best bike ever made. Good choice.
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post #95 of 98 Old 10-08-2012, 04:02 AM
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Thanks Joe.

Just back from Goodwood. Indescribable!!! Simply the best three days of my life. We didn't get to the IOM because we kept coming across people who would tell us of little known motor collections which we tracked down, in the process meeting some truly remarkable folks.

Now to start saving for the Burgman.


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post #96 of 98 Old 12-06-2012, 03:44 PM
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I owned a Burgman 650 before the Wee. Her name was Piglet for a reason. I’ve never had such a heavy machine that beat me up so viciously. It is a very unusual riding implement that takes quite a bit of time to get used to.

I guess I prefer a machine that allowed me more control of torque/horsepower (clutch slipping) at any given speed without having to ride the rear brake. Kind of made lane splitting at constantly varying speeds and conditions difficult. I wished I purchased the 400 instead of the 650, I’d probably still have it. A lot of folks prefer the easier goings of the 400. Much more fun to ride. If I ever go back to a scooter, that’ll be the one.

I’d take another 650 if someone gave me one. But I’d trade down to a 400 at the first opportunity. Life is too short to be unhappy about what you ride.

Originally Posted by Xavier6162
Ok this is not a contest. I hope you guys let me hang around here. But here is what I've found...based on my observation.

!. No clutch

The Clutch is a personal thing to me. I personnel missed the ability to slip a clutch. The Burgman is abrut at times. So is the SV650. Maybe all Suzuki bikes are the same. Slipping the clutch eases a lot of the operations. Because of the clutch, the SV650 is easier to operate, especially at slow speed. It’s feels like riding around on a bicycle. The Big Burgman could never do that. Or should I say the average person on a Burgman could never do that. I never felt safe at slow speeds on the Big Burgman because of it’s quirky operations. With a clutch, I decide how the machine operates.

2. No gear shift

Right. But because of the torque I really don’t have to shift that often. Besides. I find shifting fun. And I feel safer with low speed shifting while corning than on the Burgman 650. There is a jolt at about 12-14 mph on the Burgman. That’s very upsetting while corning. To me, that was a safety issue and a quirk that bothered me every singly time I cornered. Talk about unnecessary stress. Now I shift when I want to or if I want to.

3. ABS

The SV650 does come with ABS. I didn’t get it. The SV650 has much better brakes. Because of it’s weight, poor suspension breaking hard on the Burgman wasn’t pleasant. Breaking was similar to (but not quite) like breaking on a car and I made sure to give my self the same consideration. I braked and rode the Burgman as if I was driving a car. The breaks on the awesome. Super awesome. Unexpectedly quick. In fact, at my first stop light I stoped about 20 (feet short which was a little embarrassing) and I was only using the rear. The Burgman would have taken me all the way to the light using both breaks.

By the way, engine Breaking is a blast on the SV650. Hated it on the Burgman. It may have had something to do with the Suspension of the Burgman. But it's absolutely fun on the SV650. And keep in mind I also have a choice to use engine breaking or clutch slip it out or a combination of both.

4. No footbrake

So……See ABS above.

Weather protection

Right. But since I don’t ride in bad weather this is moot.

Fuel economy

Right. The SV650 range is from 45 – 50 MPG. A couple of MPG short of the Burgman 650. But since the fun factor is much higher and anxiety factor is tremendously reduced , I’ll willing to make the sacrifice.

Wind noise

You’ll have to trust me on this one. And if not, test ride a SV650 and see for yourself. The wind noise and turbulence is much worst on the Burgman. Much worst. In fact the secondard reason for getting rid of Piglet was because of the wind. With the stock shield on the Burgman…well you know. I don’t have to explain. I did get the larger windshield but at speed the back wind was knocking my head forward. In short, the wind would beat me up with either shield, though I preferred the stock to the larger shield. I’d use my Burgman to ride down to my sailboat once a week. The wind use to beat me up so badly I’d take a nap right after getting there. Not to mention having to deal with the tingling in my hands even with the softer grips and my very sore butt.

A trip to my boat today on the SV650 had none of that. No tingling hands even with stock grips. No sore butt. No excessive wind noise or buffering around. In fact, I didn’t even take a nap. Didn’t feel like it. The SV650 was much more comfortable despite the slight lean position and lack of sails…I mean fairing.

Touring comfort

Only in the area of storage. See above for the rest. The Burgamn 650 also has a crappy suspension. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I tested other bikes. This is one of the reasons the SV650 was much more comfortable. On the Burgman I would tense up at certain places on the highway because I knew how much the bumps were going to upset the suspension…and me. On the SV650 damping is much better and recoil is faster resulting in a much smoother ride. So smooth that I did not tense once at the same places. But if you think that the absolute upright position on the Burgman aids to comfort, your right. But because of the brakes and especially the suspension the ride isn’t as comfortable. Not even close.

Ease of cleaning

You got me on that one. Not looking forward to oiling and cleaning that chain every 600 miles. Well, maybe for the first couple of time yea, but after that….well this is one of the reasons I had kids. I’ll let them do it.

6. No footpegs / adjustable leg room

See above. This feature did not make the ride more comfortable over the SV650. Though the adjustable leg room did help alleviate the uncomfortable-ness caused by the Burgman 650 in the First place.

7. Wider seat for the rider and passenger

Since I will never carry a passager…moot.

8. No dorky looking exhaust pipe or radiator (my personal complaint)

What did they say about looks……….

9. Cheaper insurance

Progressive bare minimum Insurance for my Burgman without Medical and $500 deductible for comprehensive and collision was $242 for the year. With GIECO I tripled the coverage (because it’s a sports bike) and added Medical and went with zero deductible for comprehensive and collision. I’m paying $284 per year. I don’t know which is cheaper. They appear to be the same to me.

10. Bigger bike = more visibility

Bigger Bike, harder to maneuver. Smaller lighter bike, easier to get out of the way. There is a tread here where I wished for more power because the weight of the Burgman was a nauseas for me. While riding, or while just moving it around.

11. Better headlights.

Really…how can you tell?

Originally Posted by simon
My belly would get tired laying on the tank all day. But it's a nice ride man...
I’m 5’ 7.5” 230 pounds. I have a big belly. This is the naked version. Although one is not as up right as on the Burgman, you are also not laying on the tank.

By the way guys. Don’t take offense. The Burgamn with all it’s faults is just not the bike for me. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. I’ve found something better for me. It’s lighter, more responsive, I feel safer on it, and it’s much more comfortable for me and much more fun to ride. There is a trade off in everything. There were too many negatives for me in the Burgman 650 and too many positives on the SV650. I never knew how great and fun this SV650 was until I test drove it. If you really love your Burgman, I suggest you not do what I did.

I often lose control. I really I hate my life.

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OK we're back on track trying to find a lightweight town conveyance that can double as a lightweight tourer when required.

I thought I'd settled on a Burgman 400 but the water has been muddied with the arrival of the Honda NC700 Integra which is more of a hybrid bike/scooter cross than a full-on scooter. It's had rave reviews here in Oz and it's cheaper than the Burgman too.

First ride: Honda NC700 Integra - Motorbikes Reviews, News & Advice -

Decisions decisions...


Maroon K6 Vee.
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post #98 of 98 Old 05-18-2013, 12:46 AM
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Just found this thread by chance. I've added a Burgman 400 alongside the Glee.

Are you still running the Burg and have your opinions changed at all

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