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TOScootz 09-22-2013 09:38 AM

I think one of the test riders mentioned dirt roads.
More important, there is no mention of suspension travel. For all you people asking "When is Suzuki going to make a 1000 cc V-Twin sport tourer", I think this is it.:confused:

duchess 09-22-2013 10:15 AM


Originally Posted by gepeze (Post 1601825)
Its starting to grow on me. When I first saw the original strom I though "that thing is awful looking." It turned out to be one of my favorite bikes. Looking forward to seeing one in person.

me, too. growing on my like what, i'm not sure. but only the black, NOT the red.:weapons_1:

sweetlu 09-22-2013 10:17 AM

I wonder if they increased the alternator's output.

gepeze 09-22-2013 10:32 AM

wera688 09-22-2013 11:34 AM

Count me in for a white one!!

fortp 09-22-2013 11:37 AM

Yes, the beek seem less weird in black.

Sicha 09-22-2013 01:52 PM

I've noticed an increase in the number of Stroms on sale on CL....not sure if it's because the riding season's coming to an end or people are clearing the stables in preparation for the " beaky fawn":confused:

In any case, there a white Veek/Beek in my future (confirmed with a palmist).

Joe S. 09-22-2013 02:43 PM


Originally Posted by sweetlu (Post 1602169)
I wonder if they increased the alternator's output.

From what I read I don't think so, there was an article rattling off various things they had done and that didn't seem to be one of them. I wish they had though.

V2man 09-22-2013 04:35 PM

Well at long last some thing substantial to drool over.


Cheers vman

BigMan73 09-22-2013 05:19 PM

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Except for the part that I shall not mention (:fineprint:) the bike specs look very interesting. I like the dashboard and other electronics that were added.

2014 Suzuki DL1000 Revealed

"The sum of the changes have not resulted in a great boost in outright power with the peak number up only 2kW, from 72kW at 7600rpm to 74kW at 8000rpm. Torque is also up by 2 per cent, but the peak of 103Nm now arrives a full 2400rpm earlier than its predecessor, which made 101Nm at 6400rpm. This suggests that, like the recently reinvigorated DL650, numbers tell only half the story as its smaller siblings engine is a revelation in the way it has improved throughout the rev range despite similarly, only claiming very modest outright peak power improvements. "

On the paper at least, this is a refined engine but it should be fun with all that torque coming so quickly

And again, I want to know the most important piece of info: price.
Suzuki, AFAIK, did not reveal that yet.

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