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post #31 of 55 Old 11-05-2012, 03:45 AM
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Location: Brisbane Australia
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YESA skid kid on a bicycle With a peg on the forks,card in the spokes and a better noise than a Stainspoon.
Skid till ya fell off.
What else did you need to know
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post #32 of 55 Old 11-05-2012, 04:06 AM
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I used to ride dirt bikes, old dirt bikes admitted, but dirt bikes.

On dirt roads the DL is faster and more stable than the bikes I used to ride - 80kph used to be about it, after that it got really scary.

I've seen 130kph on the speedo on the DL - I'll admit, I peeled off 50 of those really quickly , simply because that's an insane speed given 'shit happens' on dirt roads but it was no worries.

The trick on the DL's on dirt appears to be staying balanced and smooth and steering with the rear of the bike, line the front up reasonably right and on and off the throttle to fine tune the steering - until you 'get it' it's uncomfortable.

Fork brace helps lots, steering damper helps lots on things like deep gravel and deep soft sand, hours in the saddle - priceless.

Put a TKC-80 up front and it's actually an amazing dirt road bike. NOT a dirt bike, doesn't like jumps, doesn't like big lumps, but decent dirt - oh yeah baby.

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post #33 of 55 Old 11-05-2012, 04:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Fester View Post
Wow - three pages of science, enough to make Dr Kruzlekrutchski blush. And all I wanted to know was am I a crappy rider????

Looks like its off to the forest for lots more stacks for me.:yikes
Hehe, well probably not a crappy rider, just inexperienced on dirt, that's not a crime. It’s a completely different set of bike handling skill to road (almost opposite), maybe get an old trail bike to learn on (and fall off) which is a lot less expensive to repair when you do (and you will) slide out on dirt, or just take it easy and slowly build up your experience on the Strom.

The Strom is one of the most road orientated “dual sport” bikes you can ride so it will probably feel “skatey” when offroad to a road rider, but that’s the trade off for the exceptional road manners the Strom has.

I have just spent 5 days with occasional riding of different levels of easy and medium dirt tracks loaded up with a pillion and luggage, this doesn’t give me the usual body weight shifts that solo trail riding will allow, so I just remain seated (locked in by pillion & luggage) and apply more pressure on the pegs (almost lifting my bum) as described in the previous posts, this gives me the “trail feel” on the pegs, one big tip is to relax your top half and your grip on the bars, keep your head up and don’t look at the potholes or you will hit them, instead always look where you want to go & let the front find it's own way (which it will), I think this is the skatey feeling you are referring to, In time this skatey sliding becomes the fun part of dirt riding & the Strom is a very fun bike to ride

2010 DL650A - black

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post #34 of 55 Old 11-05-2012, 04:15 AM
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Ha ha I'm not going to get into this but the best bit of advise in hear I have read is PRACTICE and if you can get a smaller bike to practice on first great, If not take it slow and build your confidence !!

Have fun !!

Live to Ride
DL650 2012
XR400 2002
JR50 2006

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post #35 of 55 Old 11-05-2012, 08:16 AM
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Fester, it's not all you.

I know they say it's [almost] all the rider, and hardly any "the bike".
But you will never convert Miss Piggy into a silk purse.
Just accept her as a cheerful all-rounder with a definite bitumen bias.

You are right, not to restrict yourself from exploring any dirt roads that you happen to come across (provided they're not oozing mud / sand / limestone-ball-bearings). What with all the radars and careless drivers on the main roads, it's a definite pleasure to get away on a slowish ride down those country side-roads.

Riding techniques aside, there is much to be said for fitting a tubeless TKC-80 to the front wheel [as PeteW favours] or maybe a tubeless Mefo Explorer 100/90-19 [which has probably a shade less bitumen grip than the TKC, but is cheaper and longer lasting].
Unless you are a hard charging, hard braking, elbow-scratching on every corner type of rider, then those sorts of dual-purpose tyres will do quite nicely . . . and you will be able to enjoy much more side-road freedom than a Michelin Pilot Road tyre would give you.

* I must criticize you severely for a blunder you made (back in post #30 ?) where you implied some denigration of Dr Karl Kruszelwhatsit.
Whatever you think of his science, you must admit that he consistently shows the safety consciousness of wearing hi-visibility tops.
As I understand it, he has never been hit by a car yet.
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post #36 of 55 Old 11-05-2012, 04:43 PM Thread Starter
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Thanks again guys, particularly Mountain Man and Mr Nullabor.

Gotta say I did have an old DR 250, but I sold that to get the V Strom and guess what, I thought it was too skaty on the dirt. BUT - my part time job has a $10k cheque in the mail to me, so I think its time to sacrifice a few grand and get me another dirt bike because I definitely don't want to give up haulin the Strom along the dirt. There's a couple of rides South of Canberra I'm targetting. I fly aeroplanes for a living and I often pick my rides by what I see down in the forests from the air. No point looking down from 37,000 feet at bitumen roads only.

So - buy Offroad riding DVD, research dirt riding course, buy trail bike to crash.

Thanks all
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post #37 of 55 Old 11-06-2012, 12:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Fester View Post
BUT - my part time job has a $10k cheque in the mail to me, l

Fester's part time job?

Cheers, Wanderlost

I wee in public.

Well, you told me about nowhere. Well it sounds like someplace I'd like to go.
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post #38 of 55 Old 11-06-2012, 08:16 AM
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A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Forum . . .

When I checked into the Oz sub-section of another forum (not a Strom forum, but having many Strommy members ~ are we allowed to name it? . . . or do the rules demand that we be very indirect like Parliamentarians referring to "Another Place" ? ) I found a corker of a thread, titled "Riding Technique".
Sponsored by the usually-friendly "Southern Cross" [or similar name], it seemed to be following in the footsteps of our own Stromtrooper thread about Centres-of-Gravity and Weighting-of-Pegs.

Predictably, the "other thread" soon got into some humorous banter [good] but then some of the Flat Earth Society members weighed in [bad] with their bizarre theories about lower being higher (and so on).

All in all, for people with an interest in the same topics as here, that thread is worth reading through . . . though you will have to fight your way past a certain amount of chaff (and chaffing).

Several points were made, which do not appear in "our" thread.
One was a superb photo of a PepsiCola bottle, submitted by "Eepeqez", illustrating the disparity between the concepts of CofG and of support platform (support points).
Thanks, Eepeqez.
Another, was an eye-opening [for me] term or phrase written by "Matt-D" ~ initially he waffled on with the usual clichés of "weighting the pegs", but then he came out with the term "riding outside the bike".
Bingo! . . . and I thought his arrow had got pretty close to the bullseye.
That's a MUCH better phrase to describe what expert riders are actually doing.

And you can see it (again) in K1W1's post #19 snapshot here . . . where the rider, regardless of the extreme angles, has got his body CofG well to one side of his bike's midline.
The rider may or may not be weighting one or the other footpeg, but he has certainly moved his bum and shoulders.

So what? you say . . . nothing new about that technique for cornering on dirt.
But the point here is that the riding technique in reality uses the the off-to-the-side positioning of body CofG . . . and any "weight" on the pegs is really just the tail following the dog (so to speak).
"Overleaning the bike" is exactly the same way of saying what's going on.

Why not use the old cliche "weight the X peg" or "unweight the Y peg" ?

Well, (a) those terms don't tell the novice what "target" he should be aiming to achieve [i.e. getting the body off-centre] to get better cornering effect,
and (b) it raises other confusing issues about the pegs ~ like this : picture a Mad Skillz or Circus Trick Rider doing his cornering by overleaning the bike . . . but this time he is kneeling side-saddle (both knees on the saddle : bum and shoulders off centre-line).
He is achieving the same cornering . . . but there is absolutely no weight on the pegs at all.
Not recommended to do at home. But it illustrates that the weighting on the pegs is not the prime cause of steering (though of course, those pegs are jolly convenient support points when you are standing up in the normal way).

So, Saturn-5, is all forgiven? Can I be welcomed back, now that I have made a clearer explanation of the basis for my skepticism about "weighting" ?
I believe you have a high level of riding abilities, and I believe you have given a lot of excellent practical riding advice in this thread. The operative word being "Practical". But your explanations on the "why of it" have been a touch . . . misleading.

Again my apologies for [necessary?] long-windedness.
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post #39 of 55 Old 11-06-2012, 06:32 PM
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Now that that's settled, another question from "The Couch Guide to Off-road Riding":

Why do some GP riders stick their leg out when going into a corner?

EDIT: not a serious Q

Steve C

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post #40 of 55 Old 11-07-2012, 02:47 AM
Rest in Peace
Super Trooper!
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Nulla, Life has taught me that fights or arguments never achieve much other than high blood pressure. It was never my intention to give detail instruction, as I said, some 'Tips". Those tips I have learned by falling off or tips passed onto me or by observing those I class as experts, over a very long time. These days there are heaps on the net too.
I pass on tips in good faith but following them is not compulsory.
If it can save someone from a guttser,.... I'm happy.

Safe riding all

Saturn 5 ......Travel by gravel and double your map.

EDIT: Suzy strom. No idea, anyone?
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