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Time for the 3rd and final installment. I bought the corbin off another forum member. It arrived In excellent shape. There was very little wear. The first issue was the fit. The tang that locks the front of the seat down was too long and pressed into the coolant overflow tank. After doing some reasearch on the forum I learned that this was a common issue on 07 and newer bikes. So I cut the tang down by an inch. Still didn't fit well. So back onto the forum for more research. It seems some people got a better fit by removing the middle set of bumpers underneath the seat. So I tried this and the seat didn't fit any better and now it sloped down towards. Back went on the bumpers and this time I removed the entire tang. Now it fit. It still required quite a bit of pressure for it to lock down. It seems people shim on both sides of the lock to take care of this problem.

I gotta say for a seat that costs the best part of $500 the fit is terrible. I know corbins are handmade but this is just silly. If I had bought this seat new I would have sent it back. After all this fitment nonsense I was really hoping the sargent would be the best seat and I could turn around and resell the corbin after testing it....that was not to be.

So the initial fit was a lot different than the sargent. The drivers seating area was very roomy. Unlike the sargent it didn't feel like only half your butt was on the seat. The seat is much wider at the nose. Which is good and bad. Good because you really feel like you are surrounded by the seat, bad because the width makes it more difficult to get your feet on the ground. I'm 6ft but have a 28" inseam and I now am on tip toes. Not the best felling on a 500lb bike. From the passengers perspective the seating area is smaller than the sargent or gel. There is quite a rise at the rear of the seat and this lessens the amount of flat seating.

Alright finally time for a ride report. Initially I went for a few rides that were less than two hours. Couldn't really tell much. There was no soreness so it was better than the stock and gel which both had me sore in less than an hour. But the sargent had worked well on rides for less than two hour as well so these short rides weren't very telling.

Last weekend I got a chance for some real saddle time. I ended up doing 8 hours total in the saddle with an hour break for lunch. To make a long story short the corbin worked. I felt none of the normal pain in the rear that I would after an hour of riding. If I had one complaint it would be the seat gets pretty hot after a few hours of riding. Normally I use a bead rider saddle cover but there is no way I could reach the ground with it installed.

I really wanted to not like the corbin, the bad fit, the fact it makes me have to tip toe, and makes my passengers area smaller were all points against it. But it really works. It made it possible for me to spend all day in the saddle. The stock, gel, and Sargent weren't even close.

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