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Did you test ride the Wee/Vee before buying it?

Hey guys,

I am a noobie here, I am considering getting the '12 DL650. It's going to be my third bike since getting bitten by the motorcycling bug.

I started off on a '78 Honda CB400. I loved that bike. Light, agile and just plain quick enough for the city traffic.

Then I got myself '05 Suzuki C50T. Fantastic cruiser. Completely satisfied my needs and I would have probably stayed on it if I was to only ride it in the city and on short weekend trips outside the city.

Before I sold it I took a 150 miles trip on it. My brother joined me on his '01 Bandit S. I had so much buffeting, even with the windshield on the C50, that it felt like Tyson was rabbit punching me non stop. We switeched bikes from few miles and OMG his sport touring bike actually felt more comfortable. Less noise and no buffeting.

I am sure that it was only the differance in the windshields and if I would have upgraded mine or added lowers it would eliminate the buffeting. But I am hot headed and I rushingly decided to get the new Wee.

However, before I pull the trigger at the dealership I have the biggest seller's remorse about getting rid of the C50. That bike was very comfortable, the wide handlebars, the floorboards, and being able to flat foot when at a stop made it really good for me.

I am worried about getting the Wee and not liking it. I don't want to sign the loan papers and ride off with my new Wee and hating riding the bike.

I can't flat foot it when sitting on it. I am worried about it since I feel a lot more assured and relaxed when I have to stop the bike in the traffic.

I realize that the Wee is going to be a lot more agile, quicker and will have a better suited suspension to the shitty roads on New York City. That's why I want to get the Wee but there's still this seller's remorse in the back of my mind.

I can't rent the Wee out, since nobody seems to have it as an option in the city. None of the dealers will allow me to test ride the Wee ( understandable from their point of view about liability and costs ). So I will be taking a huge risk buying the bike and not riding it.

So did you guys test ride the bike before you bought it? I have only sat on it at the dealership, but that doesn't really give me any insighet into actually riding this beast.

How did you figure out if the bike is for you and your style of riding?

PS- I can't wait for Suzuki Demo rides ( because the zook deals don't offer the option of test rides) and I want to take advantage of their 0% apr for 5 years. So I only have a month to figure out if the bike is right for me.
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