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On to the mounting!
(that’s what she said)

First, remove the windscreen. Here are the naked Madstad brackets without the windscreen.

The Madstad brackets are easy enough to remove. I put the new Motech mount under them, and replaced the Madstads. Simple!

In this configuration, you don’t need the spacers and the longer screws that come with the Motech mount.

Here’s a look thru the (re-installed) windscreen at the mount in place.

Here’s a look at the cradle from the driver’s side.

Now with the ünit in place. Turn the key, and… success! We have zümo!

In this configuration, the zümo actually extends toward the rider a couple of inches. If you want your GPS to be closer to you, this should work well.

But if you’re like me, and can’t leave well enough alone, you might want to find a way to move the unit back a bit (away from the rider). That way, the GPS display would be in the same “visual plane” as the other instruments.

Indeed, that’s why the SW-Motech mount comes with spacers and longer screws. But the spacers are designed to work with the original Suzuki windscreen mounts, and have little protrusions that would go in to the Suzi mount. But the Madstad bracket won’t accommodate that protrusion.

Now, I suppose I could try to stack some washers to make up that space. But I was worried that might put the mount too close to the windscreen, limiting my screen adjustment options.
So I took a different approach. I broke out the hacksaw.

By removing the protrusion, the spacer will sit flat between the Madstad bracket and the Motech mount.
Here are some works in progress. The two spacers on the left have been cut (the cut side is down in this picture), #3 is in progress, and I haven’t started on #4 yet. And yes, the cut side is a bit chewed up, but you’ll never see it after installation. Still, I took a file to each spacer to make sure it was flat.

Then I painted the spacers black. So these next pictures are from 24 hours later, after the paint has dried. The sun has set and risen anew, people were born and lived and died, and the paint dried.

Here’s the install. I used the longer screws that came with the SW-Motech mount, but kept the original locking washers and rubber washers from the Madstad mount.

And another look. The Madstad bracket is on the bottom, then the spacer (chewed-up side down), then the Motech mount, rubber washer, lock washer, screw.

Here’s the finished install, Motech atop Madstad. The short, fat spacers go on top, the longer, skinnier spacers go on the bottom. (that's how they were listed in the Motech instructions) This pivots the mount a bit closer to the rider; I may try reversing them if I want to try moving the unit another 1/8" away.

CAUTIONARY NOTE ! ! Do NOT drop anything down either of those big holes at the bottom of the windscreen mount! It’s a great place to route the cable coming down off the cradle, but if – hypothetically, of course – you were to, say, drop one of the spacers down there, you might (hypothetically) have to take the whole front of the motorcycle apart to find the damned thing, nestled between the headlight reflectors, looking like it was SUPPOSED to be there until you actually touched it and discovered it wasn’t attached to anything.

Hypothetically, of course.

With that hypothetical unpleasantness out of the way, here’s the finished install. It looks good!

As you can see, it’s about an inch farther away from the rider, closer to the instrument plane. Me likee!

And here’s the view from the driver’s perspective. Sweet!

I’ve only had this setup for a week or so, but so far, I really like it. I really like having all the instruments together in one place, as opposed to having the GPS bolted off to the side somewhere, or on a crossbar that might interfere with my tank bag. It’s pretty tight getting to the Madstad knobs, but easy if you remove the zümo from the mount. And I had no clearance issues with various different windscreen positions (just for testing - I honestly don’t find myself adjusting my windscreen that often).

As for the “vibration-damped” mount: I think “damped” is the correct term here. This is not some fancy gyroscopic stabilization device. But it does seem to keep the GPS screen pretty clear. Make no mistake, if you hit a bump, this thing is going to bounce around a bit, but the mount does seem to soak up some of the shakes. This is my first GPS mount on a motorcycle, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I’m a happy customer.

Now, let the “here’s-how-I-would’ve-done-it” comments begin!

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