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Properly done plug/patches are permanent fixes in fixable tires. Some motorcycle tire manufacturers approve them and others don't. There is no consensus so debates break out and you end up listening to the repair guy. Those stock BTW rears won't last that long anyways so it is up to you whether a good plug/patch repair is worth it. I wouldn't stay with a home worm repair. Mushrooms (like stopngo)won't hold long at all.

"Continental, Michelin, Pirelli, and Shinko’s position on dealing with punctures is clear as day: Don’t even bother carrying a plug kit. “Call a tow truck,” is how one VP of marketing replied when asked what to do when you get a flat. These tire manufacturers assert that there are too many variables involved, from the puncture to the repair, and that there is simply too much at risk in terms of rider safety and liability to condone it, even in an emergency. Most dealerships and repair shops share this sentiment.

Other brands, specifically Avon, Bridgestone, Dunlop, and Metzler, offer an opinion that’s more in line with what consumers would hope to hear: Yes, punctures can be plugged in an emergency situation, and a repair that both fills the wound (plug) and seals the damage (patch) that is installed by a professional can even be considered permanent if specific criteria are met."

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