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Tire Question: re-plug or replace

Hello all, I have a question about when to replace a tire....

I am a new rider. I have a 2012 DL 650 with real low miles.... I bought it in November with a little over 2 K miles and I've now got about 3k on it. It's been a joy. It came with Bridgestone Trailwing 152s and they still have lots of tread. Unfortunately, when I was checking my tire pressure on the way to meet some other riders over the weekend, I found my first nail -- a one-and-half-incher all the way in to the head. So I fixed my first flat in the garage with a plug-n-go kit. I am worried I may have reamed out the puncture hole a bit too much, though. I got it plugged, but it now seems to have a slow leak, and is losing 2-3 psi a day.

My question to all you seasoned strominators: Should I suck it up and buy a new tire, try to re-plug this one somehow (can you even do that?), or leave it be and just inflate it for rides. I would be pissed to have to throw out a tire with so much left on the tread. (Just bought a Shoei helmet, and the wallet is badly dented). On the other hand, I don't want to do anything risky, and lose all tire pressure on a highway or twisty.

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