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A few years ago I was riding solo on Utah's hwy 12. Being dusk, light and temps were fading fast. 15 miles from the town behind me and about that same distance from the next town, no other cars in sight when I see a person standing on the road a ways in front of looks like a teen girl, but when I get closer I can see it is a mature but shapely woman.

She was hiking with a friend and got separated and since she had neither a key to the car nor a coat, she was in a bit of a fix.
"Would you tell the police in the next town of my situation?" she asked. I said I would, but replied, 'why don't you just jump on the bike with me and I'll give her a ride into town?'

She quickly agreed and climbed aboard, saying that she had never ridden a motorcycle before. I gave her a ride to town and she insisted on paying for my hotel.

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