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ABS doesn't replace braking practice and skills. It does keep riders who haven't practiced from locking the rear and swapping ends which is all too easy, or locking the front and going right done, which is hard to do on clean dry pavement. It also makes practicing safer. With or without ABS, the shortest braking action is to threshold brake, keeping maximum pressure on short of lockup or ABS activation. ABS can be very helpful in learning to brake because it makes practicing safer. Practicing from about 20mph is fine because it trains the reflexes that are required regardless of speed and is safer and less wearing on pads and tires.

Weight transfers to the front on braking so progressively stronger front braking and progressively weaker rear braking during the weight transfer period is required for maximum effort but it happens very fast. Many would do better to just apply some rear brake and focus on getting on the front harder after an instant of front end dive.

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