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Okay you guys - PLEASE help me out! I'm about to buy the Suzuki hard cases - but only want the side cases. I'll have to drill out the OEM rear rack - as Suzuki wants me to own the top case rack too ... the side cases blot to the top case rack and you have to remove the OEM rack. Can you please send me pictures of your cases so that I might find a better alternative??? I REALLY LIKE the looks of the matching Blue DL1000 colored cases that Suzuki has.

I noticed one of the postings showed a yellow V-STrom with matching top case? Is that an aftermarket case alerady painted that color? Nice! I'd like to see pictures of everyone's! Thanks again! The $$$ is burning a hole in my pocket! Help me quick!

Givi is just 90 miles up the road from me. I'm tempted to drive there Friday and SPEND SPEND SPEND!
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